Over 10 years of experience

Precise, accurate language

Always on time


Perfectly localized

Elegantly phrased

Always smart


Clear and concise

Appealing and well-researched

Always on message 


Culturally sensitive 


Always professional


Responsible and Professional

You depend on clear communication to speak to your clients, to reach your market, and to achieve your business goals. Every job is important to me because every job is important to you. Expect ready-to-use content on time from JH Language because anything less is simply unacceptable.


Competitively Positioned

JH Language refuses to compete on price because I believe this is a losing game for everyone. My quality speaks for itself, and the level of service I deliver allows you to do your job better. I’m confident you will agree that my native language and cultural skills deliver the value you need.


Quality Over Quantity

Everyone would like to have more work than they can handle while raking in money hand over fist. Communication, however, is never about quantity. JH Language never oversells what it can accomplish because this would incentivize substandard work. You can depend on my quality.